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Toshiba Impulse 2400 mAh Accelerated Cycle Testing

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:03 am
by Mark
ChibiM over on CandlePowerForums kindly donated a set of 4 Toshiba Impulse 2400 mAh cells for me to run cycle testing on:


I've included the results (in green) for a similar Eneloop XX cell on the above chart.

A few interesting points to be noted from these results:
  • Despite being rated for a lower capacity (2400 mAh Vs 2500 mAh for the Eneloop XX) the Toshiba Impulse had higher capacities at low discharge rates. I think that it would be reasonable to actually swap the ratings!
  • The Toshiba cells lasted for less cycles, but considering the cell to cell variability and the fact that the Eneloop was tested at a different time, the differences may not be as significant as this chart suggests (although it could be even greater)
  • At high discharge rates, the total capacity was similar for all 3 cells for the first 80 or so cycles.
If the price for the Toshiba Impulse were the same as the Eneloop XX, I would probably choose the Eneloop XX, however if the Toshiba Impulse cells were significantly cheaper, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the Toshiba cells instead if I needed more high capacity cells. For most uses, however, I would prefer regular Eneloops because of the fact that they last for a lot more cycles.