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Analysis Data

Post by Tcepsa » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:09 am

Finally got a successful run with the latest hardware (R7) and software (0.512)--not because it required any particularly strenuous wrangling, just because the last couple weeks have been very busy. Everything seems to be working pretty much as it should be, with one exception: with this version of the hardware (or perhaps my particular instances of the PWM circuitry) even adjusting the max PWM frequency (which did resolve the issue on the previous purple hardware) does not make the high pitched buzz go away. Mark and/or Paul, is there a lowest-recommended-setting for that value?

One other question--and one that I feel a bit sheepish for having waited this long to ask about: what are you using to graph the data?
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Re: Analysis Data

Post by Mark » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:16 am

I've changed those constants slightly - sorry I didn't mention it previously.

You now need to change the PWMRange value - it's on the line above MaxPWM. You should adjust the MaxPWM value to be a little less so that the charger doesn't get to the top of the range and cause a brown out.

I'm just loading the data into Excel, manipulating it a bit - e.g. sorting on the cell number to separate out the channels, then copying the data for one channel to a new sheet. For a charge, I'll then sort by the requested current and copy the data for when charging current is set to 0 and graph the values from that. The voltage readings taken when no current is applied gives a much smoother graph, so that's why I normally use those values only unless I have a specific reason for looking at the voltages whilst current is being applied.

It's a bit of a slow process, so it'll be good to get something whipped up to read in the data and graph it automatically.

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