The UltraSmartCharger:

  • Charges and analyzes NiMH, NiCd & NiZn rechargeable batteries.
  • Logs data to SD card and via serial connection to PC.
  • Uses 18 bit Analog to Digital Conversion chip for ultra high resolution data collection - down to 16 microvolts!
  • USB powered
  • Charges 1 or 2 AA batteries with independant termination when full - uses inflection termination. More info on inflection termination.
  • Individual temperature monitoring for each cell.
  • Open Source Hardware by Paul Allen.
  • Open Source Firmware by Mark Griffiths allows users to completely customize how the charger works!


The above graph was created in Microsoft Excel from data exported whilst charging a Sanyo Eneloop. Note that this charger doesn't use the traditional Negative Delta V termination method. More information

Discharge curve for a second generation 2000mAh Eneloop - tested capacity came to 2007 mAh.
Note that standard Eneloops are rated at a minimum of 1900mAh and 2000mAh typical. Most Eneloops test at around 1930mAh with this charger - the above cell is an exception with higher capacity despite repeated abuse.